About Us

The Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation was established in 1996. It is a non-profit Scientific Association aiming at the prevention and best treatment of Metabolic Bone Diseases by promoting substantive goals.


  1. The continuous further training of Greek Physicians in Biomedical Sciences related to Metabolic Bone Diseases through the publication of high quality Monographs, the organization of regular scientific meetings and the edition of the Journal “Skeletal Health”.
  2. The development and operation of Metabolic Bone Disease Network Clinics in all areas of Greece and their connection to Reference Centers.
  3. The development of a cooperative spirit among the various operators involved in the prevention of Metabolic Bone Diseases (Doctors – Dietitians – Physiotherapists – Health Economists etc.) for improving the effectiveness of provided health services and the issuance of guidelines.
  4. The constant information of Greek people on the prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders and the co-organization of population screening programs.
  5. Regular announcements for scholarships to new scholars for further education in Greece and abroad, in addition to the growth of organization and execution of such scientific studies on Osteoporosis.

Our initial effort was focused on the education of Greek Scientists, especially of Physicians interested in the Musculoskeletal System. Over the past 16 years, 32 Remedial Basic Training Seminars on Metabolic Bone Diseases have been organized in Athens and Thessaloniki. These seminars initially of total 50 hours of teaching and 30 hours later were so far attended by both Greek Physicians and other Scientists. From these, 1100 agreed to become members of the Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation, participating specifically in Continuous Training concerning Skeleton Diseases. Furthermore, the Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation organized 11 Open, Two-Day International Seminars annually in Athens and other Greek cities for the further training of Greek Scientists. Since 2000, the continuous training in Skeleton diseases has been supplemented by the Edition of Scientific Monographs, as well as the creation of the Journal titled “Skeletal Health”.

The next goal of the Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation was the assistance of Reference Centers’ organization in the area of Metabolic Bone Diseases nationwide, especially in Hellenic Universities and Public Hospitals. It has already accomplished the organization and co-operation of Osteoporosis Clinics in Public Hospitals and it is greatly expanding other Osteoporosis Clinics Networks throughout Greece.

Since 2005, the Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation has organized one or two-day scientific Events throughout Greece at a rate of 18-20 per year. These Events usually include 3-10 presentations exclusively focusing on the recent developments in Diagnosis and Medical Treatment of Osteoporosis. The intention of the Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation is that Events will be attended by not only Regional Physicians but by all Physicians whose specialties are treating patients suffering from Osteoporosis, even in cases of simple renewal of prescriptions (such as Rural Physicians, General Practitioners and Pathologists) and those who do not have time to be informed by Major Conferences on Bone Metabolism. Such an attempt shall try to be successfully continued in the future.

The Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation recently turned its interests to encouraging and facilitating Team Work on Musculoskeletal Disorders. For such a purpose it sought Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation’s whole-hearted cooperation with Scientific Institutions of Health Care Professions and specifically with the Hellenic Scientific Society of Physiotherapy, the Hellenic Dietetic Association, the Hellenic Nurses Association and the Hellenic Association of Ergotherapists. All of these divisions are each important factors for the proper treatment in Musculoskeletal System Disorders and all worked together to show interest for an overall involvement in both Musculoskeletal Basic Knowledge and furthermore for information in the applied Clinical Practice.

In addition, the Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation has granted eight scholarships for graduated scholars specializing in Metabolic Bone Diseases who go on to prepare Diplomatic and Doctoral Theses. Finally, it provides complete scientific assistance to the Hellenic Association of Osteoporosis Patients Support, which has over 10,000 members.

The Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation relies on the active participation of all interested parties for its successful operation. The results of such ambitious efforts are not easy to derive from the initiative of solely a few interested parties. With such enthusiasm and drive from everyone involved (by Scientists at all level of expertise), our aims will, most certainly, be accomplished.